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Enter a link to your site and we will analyze it for errors, by changing which you can increase site traffic by 200 - 300%.

    Website promotion in search engines

    Website promotion is a set of works on internal and external optimization of the website, aimed at improving positions for key target queries in the search results of Google, or other search engines and increasing website traffic and attendance.

    Продвижение сайтов

    цены на продвижение сайтов

    Cost of SEO promotion
    Services website
    Starting from 190 USD

    • Promotion of service websites
    • Promotion of service categories
    • Website optimization
    • Text optimization
    • Bringing the website to the top



    Online store
    Starting from 270 USD

    • Online store promotion
    • Website optimization
    • Optimization of categories
    • Product optimization
    • Bringing the website to the top



    *the budget will be calculated after site analysis

    Scheme of working with us

    Схема работы с нами

    Our team

    Our differences

    SEO. Опыт с 2010

    We work exclusively with SE

    Experience – we’ve been in the industry since 2010

    Прозрачный бюджет

    The optimal cost of SEO promotion

    Специализация на Google Ukraine

    Specializing in Google Ukraine.

    Команда SEO-специалистов

    Our team consists of more than 15 top professionals in the field

    seo предложение с аудитом

    We conduct an audit and identify hidden problems in website promotion

    We solve such problems by website promotion:

    Продвижение в Топ 1. Website promotion to the top 10 search results
    Рост трафика по SEO 2. Comprehensive optimization aimed at increasing the traffic
    Полная внутренняя оптимизация 3. Technical (internal) website optimization

    How does promotion to the top work?

    особенности продвижения сайта в топ

    1. We promote the website to the top of search results.

    We promote your website to the TOP 10 search results over the time period of 6-9 months.


    2. Website optimization process.

    The process includes an audit, usability, and a full check of the mobile version of the resource. Depending on the final result, optimization of the content could also be performed if needed.


    3. SEO optimization as a tool to increase traffic.

    Traffic is one of the main tools of resource promotion. Such promotion is carried out by applying the high-frequency words used by the majority of your website visitors. Simply put, we promote websites using the maximum number of those keywords/phrases.

    Benefits of our services

    Технический аудит

    Full technical audit of the site
    Прямая связь с SEO- специалистом

    SEO specialist assigned to the project

    Regular progress reports and plan of action for the oncoming period
    Связь 24часа/7дней

    Communication at any time - we are always in touch

    Where does website promotion begin?

    01 stage
    Contact our manager by filling an application on our website and order a site audit
    02 stage
    After our audit, we will contact you to ask for additional information. Inform our manager about your promotion goals, the current state of the project, and the and the estimated budget
    03 stage
    After that, we will prepare a commercial offer for website promotion
    04 stage
    The final details are approved by you as a client, the contract is signed and the payment for services is made
    05 stage
    Specialists start promoting your resource, and you are getting new customers

    We specialize in SEO promotion

    FAQ: Popular questions

    What determines the cost of SEO?

    The price of website promotion is always different. It depends on your current position in the SERPs and the competition level. Our manager will provide you with more information on the price formation.

    What are the benefits?

    Having received the data on the state of your resource, we will be able to draw up a plan and clarify the timing and cost of successful promotion to the top.

    How long does it take to promote the website to the TOP 10 in terms of traffic?

    Every project is unique. The main influencing factors are the current ranking in search results, the technical state of the resource, and the level of competition.

    Do you have experience in my niche?

    Our company has been successfully working in SEO since 2010. During this time, we were able to successfully promote projects of almost any kind.

    Are there promotion guarantees?

    The search results algorithms on Google are constantly changing, so we cannot predict the final result in advance.

    When will the growth of positions occur?

    First of all, the volume of traffic depends on the search results of the website at the time when the SEO promotion starts and the results achieved in the near future.

    Drafting a contract for website promotion

    Составление договора напрямую
    Никаких договоров через телефон

    Features SEO promotions depending on the site< /span>



    Online store

    To promote an online store, it is important to update it regularly. A wide range of goods and services is key. We highlight this when talking to the client. If you do not have time to fill the resource with the proper content on your own, we can help you with that. We will take care of the uniqueness and the absence of spam in the text, add unique images, or change existing ones in graphic editors to make them unique.

    An online store requires a comprehensive approach to its promotion and a large number of technical improvements. That is why you should be aware that after the audit of the website, you may need to perform additional tasks for its successful optimization.

    One of the most interesting ways to promote an online store is to use geolocation. The usual confirmation of geolocation can significantly advance your store website in the search results, while the store itself doesn’t have to be located in that exact city. This can significantly strengthen the website positions in the region.


    Service websites

    Service websites should provide as many order forms and communication with clients as possible. Be sure to take care of the good usability of the mobile version and the convenient location of the phone number in the interface.

    One of the most popular options for promoting a service website is query clustering, which is still highly relevant in 2022. With the help of clustering, you can bypass even those competitors who haven’t used this method but are currently in the top search results. Only 10% of the websites that are currently in the top search have search clustering, so now is a perfect time to take advantage and obtain the best position in your own niche.

    To successfully promote service websites, it is very important to take care of the following aspects:

    1. Presence of high-quality content that is interesting for the target audience;
    2. Presence of tools for conversion and capturing customers;
    3. High-quality link donors (not less than 10 DR).
    продвижение новостного сайта

    Informational resources

    That is one of the most difficult types of website promotion for SEO. It requires a constant filling, at least 10 different articles per day. The minimum promotion period is 9 months. The link mass should be at the appropriate level, however, after 1,5 years the link mass will start growing on its own, which is a great advantage. News websites are also difficult to monetize.

    Nowadays the monetization of the news website in Ukraine is performed in the following way:

    1. Promotion of a certain politician or political party (political order);
    2. Sale of links to increase the link mass of other websites (not competitors);
    3. Placement of advertising on the website.

    New website

    The minimum promotion duration for a new website is 6 months. There are several main approaches to its promotion:

    1. Buying a domain. Buying an old domain in a competitive field is one of the most effective ways to promote a resource quickly. However, this is only suitable for a new brand or a company planning a rebranding. Old domains are usually quite affordable while such an investment will save you at least 3 months of website promotion. At the same time, the old domain may already have a certain link mass, which is also an advantage.
    2. Young and promising resource. If after 3-4 months of website optimization it increases its positions, the promotion budget remains unchanged.
    3. Website promotion with a minimum budget. It will take at least 6 months to get a desirable result with an approach like that. However, in particularly competitive areas, such an approach may not work out.
    SEO - график

    SEO optimization

    • Bringing the resource to the TOP in Google search results within 6 months.
    • The cost of website promotion starts from 220 USD per month.
    • Using high-frequency keywords.
    • Regular and detailed reports on the growth of link mass, positions, and traffic for a certain period or at the client’s request.

    The placement of permanent links to increase the link mass is carried out once agreed with webmasters.

    Website promotion services

    Our main advantages:

    • optimal promotion cost;
    • SEO-consulting;
    • more than 10 years of experience;
    • increase in conversion in the shortest possible time;
    • experience and expertise;
    • analysis of current problems of the website and drawing up of a detailed plan for its promotion;
    • we apply a comprehensive approach to the promotion process;
    • we are a certified agency;
    • we offer quick website promotion;
    • successfully brought more than 200 projects to the TOP-10;
    • we help you develop your website

    You can also look through all services.

      TM Website promotion

      We will analyze your site and point out weaknesses

      The cost and duration of website promotion depend on such parameters

      Конкуренция и регион

      The level of competition and regional peculiarities

      The number and competitiveness of websites are the main criteria that determine the cost and scope of work needed to promote the website to the TOP.
      Внутренняя оптимизация

      Internal optimization

      Ensuring the flow of unique content, setting up meta tags, microdata, relinking, and increasing website optimization.
      Текущие позиции сайта

      Current position of the website

      The closer the website is to the TOP, the cheaper and faster it will be promoted.
      Готовность сайта к продвижению

      Technical optimization for website promotion

      Before starting the promotion, it is important to carry out an SEO audit, which makes it possible to determine whether it's fully ready for promotion as well as calculate the time for making changes to optimize the resource.
      Количество конкурентных высокочастотных запросов

      The volume of top high-frequency keywords

      We use the maximum number of effective keywords to promote your website.
      Обновление поисковых алгоритмов

      Search engine algorithms

      Google search algorithms are constantly getting more complicated. We carefully analyze them and offer effective solutions.

      You can expect to:

      Индивидуальный подход

      Individual approach

      We promote each website as an individual project, which is why you get the optimal cost and terms for promoting your resource.
      Финансовый отчет

      Clear financial reporting

      We pre-negotiate the budget for promotion and provide a report on the spending of funds for each month.
      Гарантия продвижения

      Promotion Guarantee

      We guarantee to increase your website positions by at least 10% per month.
      Подписание договора

      Signing the contract

      Before the start of the promotion, we sign an official document that regulates our relations and rights, and obligations.

      We promoted websites of various types to the TOP. The areas we dealt with include:

      1. Beer brewing equipment.
      2. Football gear.
      3. Accessories for Apple products.
      4. Electronics.
      5. Cups and paraphernalia.
      6. Adidas sports goods.
      7. Moto and mini tractor machines.
      8. Cosmetics.
      9. Floristry supplies.
      10. Auto parts.
      11. Goods for fishing.
      12. Trade equipment.
      13. Heating mats, heated floors.
      14. Pools.
      15. Hookahs.
      16. Gifts and portraits.
      17. Electronic cigarettes.
      18. Tires, disc wheels.
      19. Pharmaceutical products
      20. Spare parts for special equipment.
      21. Online store of beer equipment.
      22. Online store of accessories
      23. Intimate services website.
      24. Website with notary services of all kinds.
      25. Website of veterinary clinic services.
      26. Website of foreign language courses.
      27. Asian restaurant.
      28. Website about education abroad.
      29. Work abroad.
      30. Travel agency.
      31. Uninterruptible power supplies.
      32. High-altitude work.
      33. Legal services.
      34. Accounting services.
      35. Medical certificates.
      36. Portraits, gifts, decoration.
      37. Cargo transportation.
      38. Passenger transportation.
      39. Cooking school.
      40. House demolition services.
      41. Diamond cutting.
      42. Interior design of houses and apartments.

      Project team


      Top - SEO

      Communication with the client, drawing up a promotion plan and monitoring the implementation of tasks.


      Provides internal resource optimization.


      Deals with the technical aspect of the project, edits, improvements, and fixing bugs.


      Creates high-quality informational and advertising texts.

      External optimizer

      Works on increasing the link mass, with blog reviews, etc.

      Tools we are working with

      Google Partner

      Цена на SEO

      Комплексное продвижение

      Comprehensive promotion

      from 450 USD per month.
      Продвижение молодого сайта

      Promotion of a young website

      from 200 USD per month.
      Продвижение по позициям

      Advancement in positions

      from 350 USD per month.
      Сроки продвижения сайта

      Terms of website promotion

      Bringing 20% -35% of queries to 10 TOP – 4-5 months.

      Bringing 40% -65% of queries to 10 TOP – 6-8 months.

      What do clients need to know about Website Promotion??


      Website Promotion has been successfully promoting and optimizing websites since 2010. Since then we have successfully promoted multiple projects. Having valuable experience, expertise, and using modern tools for web analytics, we offer our clients high-quality services

      Our main objective is to show clients how much SEO promotion can affect business growth and increase sales revenue and recognition.

      Why is it worth working with us?

      Команда SEO-специалистов

      Long-term projects are especially valuable for us. In our work, we thoroughly analyze the field of the client’s business activities and the peculiarities of their business model. It makes the promotion with usual tools much more effective. Our company specializes exclusively in promotion with search engines.

      We have experience in the successful promotion of websites from many countries.

      Search engine optimization by Website Promotion works exclusively to increase traffic and positions in the issue.

      Competent and comprehensive promotion of websites

      Сервисы для работы SEO

      The process of website promotion with our company implies a comprehensive approach. Almost all types of online advertising tools are used to consistently increase resource recognition. These tools are:

      1. Internal resource optimization.

      2. External optimization.

      3. Drawing up a strategy for getting to the top and analyzing competitors.

      4. Website audit.

      5. Basic recommendations on what needs to be changed, writing articles for the website.

      With extensive experience in SEO promotion, our specialists are able to develop a strategy of any level of complexity, which, with proper funding, will bring the website to the top search positions. We work with online stores, news websites, and blogs, as well as promote individual products and services.

      It’s important to keep in mind

      Beware of optimizers who guarantee you get to the TOP-3 of Google search results quickly with a minimal budget.

      сео продвижение сайтов

      Stages by which the promotion of your site is carried out

      1. First of all, we perform a search audit. By doing this, the SEO specialist is able to determine where exactly your resource is currently located in order to decide the main tools for organizing traffic increase. After a thorough analysis of the website, a detailed plan for the development and increasing website traffic is drawn up. Correcting technical errors of the resource is crucial in our work as it can significantly improve website ranking.
      2. Next, a semantic core is created. This is one of the most important stages. The success of a further promotion depends on its implementation. It’s not just about plain text writing, but also about choosing the proper pages for promotion.
      3. Internal website optimization allows you to identify and eliminate errors that previously prevented its successful promotion. We carry out the analysis of the website structure, text content, and correspondence with the specifics of the client’s activities. After this, a list of key queries for the main categories is compiled.

      External optimization of an Internet resource involves working with backlinks. Search engine algorithms take into account not only the quantity but also the quality of backlinks. Without them, it is impossible to talk about the quality promotion of the website to the TOP and, of course, about increasing the traffic of the resource.

      All technical work with the link mass is carried out outside the resource. Our specialists analyze which of the tools for attracting backlinks would be the most effective in each specific case and successfully apply it.

      Promotion to the TOP of the Google search provides only safe ways to optimize and promote the website. To do this, the link builder regularly monitors the links that are actually working and removes those that are no longer useful. One more of the link builder’s tasks is to find those resources that will become reliable providers of backlinks. This approach leads to a steady traffic increase, and therefore to better rankings.

      The main advantages of working with us

      Отчетности о проделанной работе
      Regular and detailed monthly reports and work plans.
      Связи со специалистом
      Feedback. You will be always in touch with an employee who helps to solve complex issues.
      SEO консультация
      SEO consulting. Website Promotion staff are always ready to answer any of your questions that might appear.
      Contract. After agreeing on all the details, a document that regulates the main points of cooperation is signed. Traffic promotion, complex website promotion.
      Круглосуточная поддержка
      Support 24/7. We provide round-the-clock high-quality website operation.

      Our clients

      Киевское областное бюро переводов
      Замочники ua
      super sumka
      Speak UP
      eparts автозапчасти
      все сто тм
      money 24
      Работа за границей. Рабочие визы
      Вадим Мельник
      Вадим Мельник
      05:51 20 Aug 21
      спасибо за работу, отлично продвинули сайт, что положительно повлияло на звонки клиентов
      Александр Лынка
      Александр Лынка
      19:11 06 Jun 21
      Спасибо команде специалистов за высокое качество работы, профессионализм и отличное отношение к клиентам!
      Oleg Omelchenko
      Oleg Omelchenko
      19:11 06 Jun 21
      Лучшее соотношение цены и качества выполненной работы.
      Алексей Шевченко
      Алексей Шевченко
      12:49 18 May 21
      Ребята настоящие профессионалы своего дела!
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